It Begins

So today I finally started working out. After remaining sober for three weeks now, I felt healthy enough to start the next step. I am motivated now to continue to tally up the weeks to becoming more and more healthy. Starting is always the hardest part about change. For too long I would go to sleep drunk and imagine myself waking up the next day ready to change. Only to have beer left in the fridge and another reason to just drink ONE last time and the cycle would continue. I have lost the love of my life and have ignored the people who love me.

Even though it took rock bottom to finally trigger the start of my new outlook on life. I am not going into this with anger but am excited to start with positivity and a great support group of friends. I want to write about this to just be able to log my highs and lows and be able to look back and read about what got me through the tough times and use it as a tool.

Working out felt great and I feel satisfied with my day and happy to relax this morning and sleep well. Today is only the beginning and I must continue to pursue my goals. These goals will not only be practical but they will be made without any numbers. Why push myself for a number when the main goal is to become happier and more confident. I will finish this post with my first goal…Be confident and feel fit for the opening day game at Target Field.


About northWes

Underachiever who has decided to change almost everything in his life for the better.
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